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BMW [F10/F11] (2010-2016)

BMW [F10/F11] (2010-2016)

The sixth generation of the BMW 5 Series the (F10) debuted 23 November 2009 as a 2010 model.[10] The Station Wagon/Touring version carries the chassis code F11, while the Gran Turismo hatchback style is known by F07. This chassis is shared with the 7 Series (F01) and the 6 Series (F12/F6).

BOOTMOD3 S63TU N63TU - BMW F1X F8X 550I 650I M5 M6 X5M X6M

proTUNING Freaks BOOTMOD3 S63TU N63TU BETA - BMW F1X F8X 550I 650I M5 M6 X5M X6M   World's first custom mobile…

$899.00 $895.00

BUILD YOUR BMS Turbo BMW / VW WMI Water/Meth/Alky Injection Kit

  BMS Turbo BMW WMI Water/Meth/Alky Injection Kits Water/Methanol/Alcohol injection commonly referred to as W…


Competition 4 Catless Downpipe (F10/F12/F13 N55 Engine)

Introducing our new Competition Series 4" Downpipes for your N55 6 cylinder turbo engine! Fits all 2011+ 535i and 2011+ …

$595.00 $535.50

Dragy GPS Based Performance Meter

Monitor your 0-60mph, 60-130mph, 100-200kmh, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile performance, and more!        …

$199.00 $149.00

E-F-Series Replacement O-ring (Charge Pipe)

REpalcement O-ring


E85 Fuel (15G or 30G Drums) GTA Area Only - Free Delivery

E85 offers HUGE octane increases and when combined with the JB4 it came make some serious power! Available in 15G and…

$99.00 $96.50

ER B46 Competition Series 4" Catless Downpipe

Competition Series 4" Catless Downpipe for B46 Engine SKU: BM-EXH019 Introducing our new Competition Series 4"…

$545.00 $490.50

Evolution Racewerks B46/B48 Charge Pipe Kit

B46/B48 Charge Pipe Kit SKU: BM-ICP019 Introducing our new B46/B48 Engine Charge Pipe Kit for your 2016+ BMW 120i …

$359.95 $323.95

Evolution Racewerks Competition Downpipe N63 Engine (550)

Key Features: Now available for the 2011+ BMW 550/650 Higher Max Horsepower Power Curve Higher Intial Torque C…

$1,395.00 $1,255.50


NOW Available!! Features Fits 2011+M5 and M6 Increase throttle response and get faster turbo spool Stainless ste…

$1,395.00 $1,255.50

F Chasis - BMW Wheel Spacers

NEW INTRODUCTORY PRICE - 99.00 - LIMITED TIME Easily widen the wheelbase of your BMW with a set of BMS wheel spacers …

$139.00 $95.00

F Series CAN Flap Module

2012+ F Series Models are equipped with an electronic valve in the tailpipe that helps control the exhaust sound accordi…

$299.00 $279.00

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