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ST Coilover Kit (06-11 BMW E90 Sedan, 07-13 E92 Coupe)


Product CodeST RNSTX42
ManufacturerKW Suspensions
Stock Level9

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ST Coilovers
The ultimate in performance, style and handling. ST height adjustable Coilover kits are precision engineered and road tested to the highest standards of the German TUV.
Our threaded shock Bodies allow you to customize vehicles ride height to the maximum, without compromising safety, functionality or superior driving performance.

06-11 BMW E90 Sedan, 07-13 E92 Coupe


Front Lowering:0.8" to 1.8"
Rear Lowering:0.8" to 1.6"


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2006BMW325i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Sedan
2007BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Coupe
2007BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Sedan
2007BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Coupe
2007BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Sedan
2008BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Coupe
2008BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Sedan
2008BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Coupe
2008BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Sedan
2009BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Coupe
2009BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Sedan
2009BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Coupe
2009BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Sedan
2010BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Coupe
2010BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Sedan
2010BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Coupe
2010BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Sedan
2011BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Coupe
2011BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Sedan
2011BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Coupe
2011BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Sedan
2012BMW328i Base2.0l L4 N20B20ARWD, Coupe
2012BMW328i Base2.0l L4 N26B20ARWD, Coupe
2012BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Coupe
2012BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Coupe
2013BMW328i Base2.0l L4 N20B20ARWD, Coupe
2013BMW328i Base2.0l L4 N26B20ARWD, Coupe
2013BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N51B30ARWD, Coupe
2013BMW328i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Coupe
2006BMW330i Base3.0l L6 N52RWD, Sedan
2009BMW335d Base3.0l L6 M57T2D30RWD, Sedan
2010BMW335d Base3.0l L6 M57T2D30RWD, Sedan
2011BMW335d Base3.0l L6 M57T2D30RWD, Sedan
2007BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Coupe
2007BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Sedan
2008BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Coupe
2008BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Sedan
2009BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Coupe
2009BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Sedan
2010BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Coupe
2010BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Sedan
2011BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N55B30ARWD, Coupe
2011BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N55B30ARWD, Sedan
2012BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N55B30ARWD, Coupe
2013BMW335i Base3.0l L6 N55B30ARWD, Coupe
2011BMW335is Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Coupe
2012BMW335is Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Coupe
2013BMW335is Base3.0l L6 N54B30ARWD, Coupe



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