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NEW - Kratos S55 Turbos (KRAS55EVO) No CORE


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S55 Specific One-Piece Turbo-fold

The cornerstone of our S55 system is the one-piece turbo-fold. Combining both the manifolds and turbine housings, crafting the turbo-fold as one piece within the confines of stainless steel investment casting was a feat of engineering prowess. 

  • Mathematically matched A/R ratio
  • Reduced heat and increased turbine efficiency
  • Smoother internal transitions due to redesigned runners
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling software tested
  • 316 Stainless Steel


Compressor Wheels

The striking compressor wheels are one of the corner stones of a KRATOS Turbo system. Sculpted out of a solid block of forged billet aluminum, their strength grants the ability to utilize more radical point milled third order geometry designs. With extensive and masterful use of various compressor wheel design traits, the KRATOS wheels are in a class of their own



Ceramic Ball Bearing Technology

A distinctive feature of any KRATOS Turbo system is proprietary silicon nitride ceramic ball bearing technology. It offers efficiency and reliability unmatched by any other technology. 

  • 5x the service life of steel ball bearings
  • Significantly lower temperatures than steel ball bearings – up to 50% higher operating speed
  • Increased efficiency and thrust load capability
  • Near frictionless operation requiring minimal oiling
  • Heightened transient response


OEM Fitment

The integration of ceramic ball bearing technology into true OEM fitment is unique to the KRATOS brand. All KRATOS products retain factory oil and water lines requiring no adapters or modification of any sorts. The simplicity and ease of use are consequence of the considerable engineering time and prowess that were required to join the proprietary ceramic ball bearing technology within the confines of factory fitment and allow for the use of stainless steel investment casting.



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