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N54/N55 Competition Series Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit

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Product Code N54Z15
Manufacturer Evolution Racewerks
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Key Features:
COMPLETELY SOLVES THE DREADED LIMP MODE ISSUE found on the N54/N55 engines due to oil temperature!
TWO large 9"x8"x2" (11"x8"x2" with end tanks) Oil Coolers. Factory stock single oil cooler 8.75"x4.75"x1"
Over 700% larger (combined twin coolers) than the factory oil coolers!!!
For 135/335 E-Series Cars (2006-2011)

The 135i/335i comes from the factory with a small oil cooler with a core size of 8.75"x4.75"x1" (222mmx121mmx26mm) which comes out to 41 cubic inches of core. The Competition Series Twin Oil Cooler system features two HUGE identical oil coolers 11"x8"x2" (280mmx203mmx51mm) with a core size of 9"x8"x2" (229mmx203mmx51mm) each. Each oil cooler comes out to 144 cubic inches which is 3.5 times larger than the factory unit each! Since there are two oil coolers, you have a combined 288 cubic inches of oil cooler core, over 700% more core than the factory oil cooler. Through 3 years of development and testing, our Competition Series Oil Cooler has kept our Time Attack 135i from seeing the dreaded limp mode issue due to oil temperatures. Regardless of conditions (ambient temperatures and track lay out), we have never exceeded 259F!!! This is in 110F+ track temperatures and wide open throttle pulls all the way to 6 gear (160+ mph). Through test cars used in our beta testing program, we are getting independently gathered, unbiased data showing the same exact thing.

Everything needed to install is included with the kits. No low quality, cheap fittings and lines made overseas used here. High quality Goodrich anodized black AN fittings and high end Goodrich Nylon Braided Lines are used throughout the kit. These high end Goodrich Nylon Braided lines are the new thing to use for oil lines as they have many advantages and no disadvantages (other than higher price) than traditional stainless steel braided lines. The main advantage is that they are lightweight. Nylon is considerably lighter than stainless steel. The second advantage is that Nylon Braided Lines are stronger than traditional stainless steel lines. Third, is that Nylon Braided Lines do not fray. Stainless steel braided lines will start to fray and those who are familiar with stainless steel braided lines know what we're talking about. The stainless steel mesh in the lines start to "fray" or break and thus you get poked with the broken ends. Saves a lot of bloody fingers. Fourth, they are abrasive resistant. Since stainless steel lines will act like a saw when it comes in contact with anything and will eventually cut anything it contacts whereas the Nylon braided lines are soft and pretty much won't ever do it. Fifth, heat resistance. Nylon Braided lines can withstand more heat and retain the heat inside the line better. Stainless steel lines tends to release the heat inside the lines, thus when you touch the lines, they tend to be hot. With all these advantages of the Nylon Braided Lines over stainless steel lines, it's the obvious choice for an Evolution Racewerks product.

Kit Options:
When the oil cooler box enclosures are used in conjunction with our optional ducting shroud kits, the oil cooler box enclosure actually seals and forces all the airflow captured by the ducting shrouds through the oil cooler cores. Improves the oil cooler's effectiveness and efficiency. The ducting shroud kits are available in aluminum or carbon fiber. These are model and bumper specific so make sure you order the correct shroud kit.

The optional retrofit kit is for those that do NOT have a factory oil cooler. Comes with genuine OEM BMW parts.

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