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MFactory BMW Helical LSD


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Gain a prominent advantage over the competition with the MFactory Helical Limited Slip Differential. Through the smooth and constant distribution of power to the wheels, the MFactory Helical LSD puts the power-to-the-ground and maximises your vehicle's traction. A must for any race car, be it Street, Strip or Track!

335i with manual transmission (up to 2/2007) [BOLTED]

335i with manual transmission (3/2007 to present) [WELDED]
335i with automatic transmission (up to 2/2007) [BOLTED]
335i with automatic transmission (3/2007 to 9/2007) ]WELDED]
335i with automatic transmission (10/2007 to present [BOLTED]
135i with manual tranmission (all) [WELDED]
135i with automatic transmission (all) [BOLTED]

For welded, there are 3 options:

1) LSD only. You will have to do the machine work and installation yourself
2) LSD + Ring & Pinion. No machine work required, but will need to install yourself (Please select appripriate final drive gear)
3) Fully rebuilt Pumpkin (called a "Carrier"). We ship you a pumpkin, you swap it over, then ship us your old pumpkin back

This product is option 1-2.  If you want the Full Assembly go to the link below

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Click here to enlarge Manufacturing Process

- SAE9310 Bar Stock imported from Japan to ensure the purest steel grades
- All MFactory components are Forged. We do not use inferior Cast or Billet processes. Forged components are upto 30% stronger & tougher than the equivalent "Billet" component. Click here for further details
- Advanced material processing, heat treatment & finishing techniques offer superior strength, durability and quality
- Primary Heat Treatment: After the forged parts come off the press, they are Normalized and Annealed to relieve residual stresses and make them machine workable
- Machining: After the forged blanks are completed, we use Industry-leading Multi-Axis CNC and CAM equipment to machine the parts
- Secondary Heat Treatment: State-of-the-art Case Hardening procedure achieved via computer-controlled Gas Carburization and Quenching
- Double-Tempering: A superior heat treatment technique used to decrease the brittleness and increase the toughness of our parts
- Surface Grinding: Through the use of our state-of-the-art diamond grinding machines, we ensure all parts are smooth, precise and free of burrs
- Super Sub-Zero Processing: An advanced treatment technique whereby the parts are cryogenically hardened at -300°F, realigning the steels crystalline structure for maximum strength, then heat tempered again for a 3rd time to ensure maximum toughness (resistance to fracture)
- Micro-Peening: Our final treatment stage, the parts are subject to a high speed shot blast with our proprietary micro media, creating a super smooth surface

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