N55 Stage1 --> Stage2 Upgrade

N55 Stage1 --> Stage2 Upgrade

Product Information

Upgrades your current Stage1 control box to the latest Stage2 processor. Featuring 5x the processing power, 2x the memory, more robust signal conditioning, and of course integrated CAN. The CAN module allows the Stage2 to communicate with your vehicle like never before. New features are too numerous to fully list but include code reading/deleting, optional in dash boost, timing, air/fuel, shift light, and IAT gauges, autotuning, a buttery smooth new CAN based integrated boost control system, steering wheel controls, built in downpipe fix, hot/cold oil temperature protection, progressive methanol integration, water pump remapping, and much more to come with simple firmware updates. Includes required wires that you must add to your Stage1 harness to allow Stage2 to work. Fits LHD 135 and 335 only. There is no Stage2 upgrade avaialble currently for RHD, 535, X3, X5, or X6 models.

A $20 core deposit will be added to each unit ordered, which is refundable by returning your old control box via USPS to the address on our contact page. Please include a copy of your checkout receipt or Paypal email address when returning your old box for the core charge refund.

Upgrade Instructions;

Map 0: Stock bypass. This is the only map you may use the OBDII diagnostic port with. Set to map 0 before dropping off for service, using a BT, etc.
Map 1: 12.5psi (suggested for most applications)
Map 2: 14psi (suggested for those with a downpipe and 93 octane. May also require octane booster on top of 93 octane for optimal performance.)
Map 3: Progressive meth mapping with flow sensor failsafe. See guide to enable. Meth use isn't supported/suggested without a flow sensor and map 3.
Map 4: Stock map w/ CAN active. Soon to be our economy map.
Map 5: Not developed for N55 yet
Map 6: Custom tuning map.
Map 7: 16psi race gas map. 100 RM2 octane race gas required.

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