ETS BMW N54 135i and 335i Intercooler Kit

ETS BMW N54 135i and 335i Intercooler Kit

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The ETS intercooler Kit Features

Full Intercooler Kit- Includes Intercooler, Charge Pipe, Couplers,Clamps
Direct Bolt on with absolutely no cutting
Replaces Restrictive Stock Piping
Max HP Gains of 21.05hp
Over 60deg Lower Temps
No Heat Soak after a Pull
Durable Stainless Steel Piping
4 Ply Silicone Couplers
Breeze Premium T-Bolt Clamps

Side by side shot of the whole system illustrates why we designed a whole new kit and not just a bolt on intercooler. Below are the main reasons we feel replacement of the stock piping is in order:
-Stock system has an accordion hose at the inlet. This hose will create turbulence because of the ribbed design.
-ETS Solution- Extend the inlet tube to reach the stock turbo outlet pipe and use a straight, smooth silicone coupler.
-Stock system has a 90deg bend at the intercooler outlet is restrictive to flow.
-ETS Solution- Split the sharp 90deg bend up into a 60deg and a 30deg bend. This still makes a 90deg turn, but is not as sharp as the stock 90deg hose. This allows for better airflow post intercooler.
-Stock system has a Plastic Pipe that has restrictive dimples protruding into the airstream.
-ETS Solution- Use a Stainless Steel mandrel bent pipe that is uniform inner diameter throughout it's length improves flow as well.

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