BMW N54 - High Power - Spark Plug by Bosch / NGK

BMW N54 - High Power - Spark Plug by Bosch / NGK

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Bosch Replacement N54 Spark Plug, Suggested Plug for All Stock and Modified Motors (ALL 6)

Fits all 2006+ N54 / N55 engines with factory plugs. (BOSCH plugs ONLY fit N54 Motors) (NGK plugs can be used in the N55 Motor)

NGK N54 5992 Gappable Plug

These NGK 5992 Laser Iridium N54 plugs are one step colder than stock and suggested for higher than stock horsepower applications. The plug gap must be manually set using a gap tool to the suggested .022". The tighter gap and exposed electrode design typically results in fewer misfires at higher power levels than the OEM Bosch plugs. The trade off is a 15-20k mile life span compared to the 20-30k life span of the Bosch plugs.


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